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alipyper - dottieangelfrock no1a
#dottieangelfrock no.1

alipyper - dottieangelfrock no1

alipyper - dottieangelfrock no2
#dottieangelfrock no.2

alipyper - dottieangelfrock no2 g smiling

This summer I’ve been inspired to sew. Tif Fussel of dottie angel released her first Simplicity sewing pattern (go here to view the pattern and here to see her posts on Instagram) and I’m completely smitten!

#dottieangelfrock no.1 and no.2 are complete. no.3, no.4, and no.5 are cut out and awaiting the sewing machine. no.6 is a buffalo check gingham fabric that will require my full and undivided attention to match checks – so it will wait until I have a chunk of time to devote to it.

There is interest for a class at Harmony to help guide others through the process of making their own. I’ll update when the nitty gritty are available!

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