extra boxes of frozen cookie dough!

alipyper likes to bake green headingThere were lots of charts, spreadsheets, and best guess calculations – but in the end I’ve got several boxes of frozen cookie dough that are in my freezer ready to find a home.

First come, first serve – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

6 boxes Milk Chocolate Chip w/Toffee Bits

3 boxes Oatmeal w/White Chocolate Chips & Craisins

2 boxes Double Chocolate w/Coconut & Cherries

1 box Gingersnaps


2 boxes Peanut Butter! (a friend made a special request that I couldn’t refuse and there were some extras – lucky you!)

Each box contains 40 frozen cookies and costs $20 each. Click on the link below to place your order! You’ll need to come to my home to pick them up tomorrow (Sat Aug 27)

Order Form for the last few boxes of #alipyperlikestobake Frozen Cookie Dough!

Thank you so much for everyone who placed orders! You have been so amazing and I’m deeply grateful for your support as I embark on a completely new and exciting chapter in my life. Should I post a “First Day of School” picture on Monday? Maybe I will.

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