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frock making

alipyper - dottieangelfrock no1a
#dottieangelfrock no.1

alipyper - dottieangelfrock no1

alipyper - dottieangelfrock no2
#dottieangelfrock no.2

alipyper - dottieangelfrock no2 g smiling

This summer I’ve been inspired to sew. Tif Fussel of dottie angel released her first Simplicity sewing pattern (go here to view the pattern and here to see her posts on Instagram) and I’m completely smitten!

#dottieangelfrock no.1 and no.2 are complete. no.3, no.4, and no.5 are cut out and awaiting the sewing machine. no.6 is a buffalo check gingham fabric that will require my full and undivided attention to match checks – so it will wait until I have a chunk of time to devote to it.

There is interest for a class at Harmony to help guide others through the process of making their own. I’ll update when the nitty gritty are available!

featured on darlyblog

alipyper - darlybird blog post creative home alipyper

I was featured on Darlybird‘s Darlyblog yesterday. You should go check it out! Thank you Rachel and Allison for the opportunity!

I know that I value creativity in my own life, but it was kind of hard to determine if I had been successful in creating an environment in my home that encouraged creativity in my children. In some ways I think I’ve been successful, and in other ways I think that I’ve been really selfish and unsuccessful. In any case, it was really good for me to think  and write about it. And I’m realizing just now that I never asked my kids what they thought! I’ll do that today. Should be interesting to hear what they think.

#teamafton & {g} is going to china!

Baby G meeting her cousin Afton for the first time. Afton totally bear hugged her. It was very, very sweet.
Baby G meeting her cousin Afton for the first time. Afton totally bear hugged her. It was very, very sweet.
L to R: Kaylynne, G, and Afton
L to R: Kaylynne, G, and Afton

We recently found out my 17 year old niece Afton Wallace is battling an aggressive form of Ewing’s Sarcoma. It has been a crazy, scary two weeks. She is in the Vanderbilt-Ingrams Hospital in Memphis, TN and is showing marked progress, but is still up against incredible odds. From her earliest years, Afton has been a cheerful, happy, exuberant, and kind girl. Even now, when she is very, very sick, she continues to smile. If you would like to join your prayers with ours on behalf of this lovely, lovely girl, I would deeply appreciate it. #fightlikeawallace #teamafton #mymissionisremission #aftonstrong #wallaceplaid #cancerpickedthewrongchica

Our last payment for {g}’s trip will be made this week. We did it! I seriously can hardly believe that it’s happening for her. I had a deep, underlying belief that it would happen, but there were many moments along the way when I was overwhelmed with despair at trying to get to where we needed to get. The Mr. would keep saying, “Where’s your faith?” It’s beyond lovely and we owe a HUGE THANK YOU to the many people who have helped us! So many people have contributed something – even if it was just encouraging words – and by contributing you’ve told us that you believe in {G} and her abilities. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now I’m moving on to the task of outfitting her for the extremely hot and humid Beijing in July. Yikes!

it’s been a busy week

handknit head scarf

It’s been kind of a busy week for me. I made up/adjusted a pattern for a head scarf/bandana/do-rag that the Mr. detests. Yes. Detests. He said to me, “I am really not attracted to you when you’re wearing that thing.” Ouch! Still not sure if I want to proceed to making more of them to sell if he felt that strongly about it. Darn! I thought it was cute and was very proud of myself for my brilliant adaptation.

k at starting line funrun 2014

k wins his grade funrun

{K} ran in his school’s fun run and placed 1st! Way to go buddy!

I spent all day Monday and Tuesday answering emails about fundraising and trying to get paperwork in order for {G}’s trip to China this summer. I have to stay positive that we’re going to raise enough for her to go. We’re going to do it!! We’re going to do it!!

g's quilt

g sewing her quilt

Yesterday, {G} tried to finish the quilt that she’s been working on since last fall for her Young Women in Excellence program. She took a beginning quilting class at Harmony in Provo, taught by the very lovely and talented Holly LeSué, and still hadn’t finished it. But we made great progress this week! She finished the half-square triangle top, chose a border fabric, we chose a back fabric, pinned it all together with the cotton batting, and she’s almost done with the machine quilting! She is SO EXCITED about it! Which makes a momma proud.

We’re gearing up for our Fundraising Garage Sale on Saturday. So many people have been so generous! And I’m teaching the Sunburst Granny Square class at Harmony on Saturday afternoon. I’m so excited for this class! It’s going to be fun.

I think that by Mother’s Day on Sunday, all I’ll want to do is sleep. Because next week is going to be just as busy.

(These pictures came from my Instagram feed. You should follow along!)

lots of pinning going on

alipyper - fall pinterest inspiration 2013

I’m kind of addicted to Pinterest right now. These are a few of my recent pins. I’ve been incredibly busy with lots of different things going on, but the pure joy of spending a half an hour (haha! right!) being inspired by creative and beautiful images is pretty darn fantastic. A happy visceral gut-instinct reaction to images and ideas..that I can file away for when I have time to process them later. Brilliant!

Follow along if you want…

dress / potholder / cowl / lace shirt / baby cardigan / raspberry thumbprints / sweater / knit pattern / rose / slippers / fair isle / quilt / room

ralli quilts symposium 11.7.13

Ralli Quilt - collage

When we moved back to Provo a few years ago, I became reacquainted with Tricia Stoddard. She’s an amazing woman, neighbor and friend – and a fellow returned missionary to Taiwan.

Tricia with quilters

I was so excited to learn about the work she’s doing with women in Pakistan and India! She has made a tremendous effort to bring to light the amazing quilting and handiwork techniques, called Ralli Quilting, that are unique in that area of the world. I truly want to be like her when I grow up.

Ralli Quilt - Lila Handicrafts Women

Tricia is speaking about Ralli Quilts at a FREE Symposium hosted by Harmony in Provo, UT on Thursday November 7, 2013 at 6:30pm! Please come and learn about this fascinating handwork technique and about the power of women to use their hands to shape the world.

personal progress journal covers

I made a few of these white vinyl covers with a temple decal for the young women in our ward in preparation for girls camp next month. They fit over a Personal Progress journal.

There is a clear vinyl pocket inside the front cover so that the girls can insert a picture of themselves in front of the temple and a small pocket inside the back cover to keep their recommend. They were super easy to put together and with my fabric store coupons they were very inexpensive.

Click here for the template. Click here to purchase the journals.

Note: Investing in a walking foot attachment for your sewing machine is a must if you want to sew vinyl or machine stitch quilts. They usually run about $100, depending on what kind of sewing machine you use. Best attachment ever!

Difference without and with a walking foot attachment…

cath kidston and the parthenon

What a day I had yesterday! It ended with me being incredibly homesick for my son {I} and wishing desperately that he was with me (I wanted all my children and the Mr. with me, but especially {I} yesterday at the British Museum) to see the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman exhibits. They were spectacular! And the most spectacular thing about it was being so up close and personal to them.

Reading Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson  and the Olympians series made {I} want to learn Greek, live in Greece, go on a mission to Greece, and BE Greek.

I, on the other hand, want to live in a Cath Kidston store. I want to eat, drink, sleep, and speak Cath Kidston. I’m sure it’s very juvenile but it makes me very happy and the Mr. very poor. The Maryleborn High Street store was delightful and I enjoyed every minute of the hour and a half I spent in it agonizing over the fact that I couldn’t just buy the whole store and transport it back with me in my suitcase.

When I’m done living in a Cath Kidston store, I’d like to move down the street a few spots and live in the Rococo Chocolates store. Double yum. I’m taking full advantage of the foreign travel clause in my “no sugar” contract. The best? The sea salt chocolates. Ooh, baby!

Around the  corner and down a ways is V V Rouleaux. Gorgeous ribbons and trims. I wanted to buy their whole selection of velvet ribbon. Why is it so hard to find velvet ribbon in Utah? Why? A great selection of velvet ribbon should just be a given in a craft store, but apparently nobody else thinks so.

Lindsey from Urban Mums {London} wrote about The Button Queen, which is just a hop, skip, and jump away from V V Rouleaux, and made me want to check it out. It’s true! It’s only buttons! And it was all business when I went in to peruse. I think that you could find any kind of button you could ever want there, and some pretty spectacular cuff links too! I loved it.

When I got home after my glorious day of shopping in Marylebone and the amazing visit to the British Museum, I discovered that there was a Scottish Highland Shop RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the British Museum, where I had JUST BEEN, that had some Wallace plaid items available! Darn! So, I went back today and picked up some ties for my Dad, who gives all his sons-in-law and all his grandsons when they turn 12 a Wallace tie to wear to church. Yay! Success!

liberty of london

Okay, so I returned to the mother ship today (do you see the ship on top of the building?!? Really, there is a ship on top of the building!!).

Oh, Liberty, I love thee.

It was gorgeousness overload. But outrageously expensive! Yikes! Their signature fabrics are of the highest quality and the cotton is almost as soft as silk, but since I didn’t have a specific project in mind I couldn’t really justify expanding my fabric stash. Never fear! I did pick up a souvenir and I was ridiculously happy to sign up for their loyalty reward program.

Down the street from Liberty was a cute little yarn shop called All the Fun of the Fair.

Loved the eclectic yarn, haberdashery, and gifts. Super lovely.

Again, not far from Liberty and very near Hanover Square, I discovered MacCulloch & Wallis, a three story fabric, notions, trims and ribbon shop first opened in 1902. It was chock full of the nitty gritty supplies needed for dressmaking – full of substance and not much fluff. It was perfect. I’m sure that if I lived in London I would be there very often. Probably more often than the mothership, Liberty, I’m forced to say. I do have Scottish blood running through my veins and those thrifty genetics do occasionally force me to be practical.

I ran out of time, so I couldn’t continue my tour up towards the Marylebone High Street, but I’m hoping to get back downtown early next week to check out VV Rouleaux, The Button Queen, and the largest Cath Kidston store in London. Can’t wait!

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