shawl crush

I’m seriously in love with Fanalaine’s shawl. I’m considering dropping every other single project I have in the works and devoting myself to it. It is utterly delightful. Maybe I’ll make it with this yarn, or this one? Or maybe I’ll pull out some vintage crochet cotton and have at it. Hmmm, I’m so distracted!

*fanalaine’s photos used with permission
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  1. tina

    Oooh, I wouldn’t mind trying this one out myself… Very pretty!.. And I love vintage or antique things myself. I’ve always felt like an old piece of furniture, or an old book, or an old sewing machine, etc., etc., all have a history, a secret, a memory of something or someone that should be remembered… Well, I just downloaded the pattern. We’ll have to see when I can find time to crochet it. Now’s the perfect time of year for it, right?!… Have a great day!

  2. Allison

    Hi Mary Lou,
    The pattern is called Seems Like Old Times and can be purchased on It’s a great pattern and I highly recommend it!

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