graduation and garage sale redo

alipyper - K and Mrs Benson

alipyper K and his cousin G

We’re done with elementary school! {K} loved his teacher and had a great year with his cousin/classmate {G}. His cute teacher even came to watch one of {K}’s soccer games this last year! We love great teachers that go above and beyond to connect, love, and mentor their students. Thank you Mrs. Benson!

The weather forecast is looking good for clear skies Saturday. That’s good news for our plans to hold another garage sale! We’re slowly chipping away at the amount we need so that {G} can go to China. We had a very generous friend offer to pay for {G}’s flight with frequent flyer points – so now we’re even closer to our goal!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has donated money or items for our garage sales, who has attended or is signed up for one of my classes, who has ordered cookie dough, and who has been unbelievably supportive! This experience for {G} is expensive, but we feel like it is part of her growing resume for college and her desire to be a Foreign Service Office for the US Government. So, thank you!

You can still donate on {G}’s fundraising site. Everything that is donated on her site goes directly towards her tuition. If the garage sale goes well we’ll be pretty close to paying for her Beijing tuition (payments that we’ve made directly to JSA don’t show up on her fundraising page), but we haven’t started on paying for the optional Shanghai extension. If you’d like to help, we’d love it!

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