slow progress

I haven’t blocked the sweater yet. It’s amazing to see the difference once it’s blocked – it will lay completely flat and the cables will pop!

It’s been slow going on this little baby sweater pattern. It will match my knit Pixie Cable Hat pattern (available here or here). I’ve started knitting it from the bottom up, but I think once I work out the dimensions for the shoulders and neck I’ll re-write the pattern to knit from the top down. What I’ve worked out so far is the easy part and I’m dragging my feet to¬† work out the hard shaping part. Sigh. It’s so cute and I want for it to be done, but I’m afraid of getting the dimensions wrong and having to rip out the stitches and re-work the rows. Moaning and complaining about it won’t make it easier. I’ll just have to buck up and finish!

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