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lots of pinning going on

alipyper - fall pinterest inspiration 2013

I’m kind of addicted to Pinterest right now. These are a few of my recent pins. I’ve been incredibly busy with lots of different things going on, but the pure joy of spending a half an hour (haha! right!) being inspired by creative and beautiful images is pretty darn fantastic. A happy visceral gut-instinct reaction to images and ideas..that I can file away for when I have time to process them later. Brilliant!

Follow along if you want…

dress / potholder / cowl / lace shirt / baby cardigan / raspberry thumbprints / sweater / knit pattern / rose / slippers / fair isle / quilt / room

summer salsa harvest

alipyper - tomatoes in the garden

alipyper - tomatoes in the garden

alipyper - jalapenos

alipyper - summer salsa harvest

We finally have enough ripe tomatoes and jalapenos to make salsa! We made a triple batch on Sunday and we’ve already polished it off. Our favorite is a recipe from Rick Bayless’s Mexico One Plate At A Time cookbook. Salsa De Molcajete. For the recipe, instead of canned tomatoes, we roast a pound of tomatoes under the broiler, turning them until they are blackened in spots and cooked through. Then, peel the skins off and either process in a food processor or crush them in our molcajete. Save all that yummy juice from the roasted tomatoes! We also substantially increase the amount of jalapenos to spice it up. The Mr. served his mission in Mexico and over the years I have slowly been raising my spicy heat tolerance to match his. Now our kids gobble up the spicy stuff too. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to watch the kids devour vegetables from our garden!

learning to surf

We were planning on heading to San Diego for this week, then we weren’t going to go, then we did, but we cut our original plan in half, so we ended up being home in time to celebrate the 4th in Provo (the BEST place in all of America to celebrate Independence Day).

The Mr.’s sister, Susan, and her cute family live about a mile and a half from Pacific Beach. They are always incredibly generous to host us when we come. This year I decided I wanted to try surfing and Susan gave me my first lesson.

alipyper - surf lesson

alipyper - surf lesson

I wished that I had looked more like this…

Go Susan!
Go Susan!

But it mainly looked like this for me…

alipyper - surf lesson

It was a lot of fun – despite the neti pot effect that my wipeouts had on my nasal passages – and I’ll definitely try it again!

On the way down, we made the obligatory stop at Cane’s (definitely our favorite fast food place – best chicken fingers EVER)…

alipyper - Cane's Chicken Fingers - the BEST

drove through Baker, CA on one of the hottest days on record…

alipyper - dash display driving through Baker, CA on Saturday June 29, 2013

and I was able to work on another crocheted handkerchief – this time using my own Eyelet Lace edging pattern – which I finished once we returned to Provo.

alipyper - eyelet lace crocheted handkerchief edging pattern


My supply of hemstitched linen handkerchiefs is getting low and I have yet to find a place that sells exactly what I want at the price I want to pay. We’ll see if I can somehow figure out how to make them myself. Hmmm. Not sure I want to tackle that yet.

Now it’s back to surfing Pinterest

treats for a recovering sugar addict – date sweetened ice cream

I stopped eating processed sugar – everything! honey, agave, evaporated cane sugar, coconut sugar, anything artificial – a year ago. Because I’m an addict. Truly.

For the most part all my sugar cravings have gone. Fresh fruit usually satisfies. But occasionally, I feel sorry for myself that I’m not eating what everyone else is eating and I want a “treat.”

So, I’ve been experimenting with date and raisin pastes to sweeten things. I recently made a date-sweetened homemade strawberry mango ice cream that was really yummy!

Soak pitted dates in enough warm water and juice from half a lemon to just cover the dates for 20 minutes, then purée in the blender. I substituted the date purée for sugar in my favorite ice cream recipe.

Note: this is a not a low calorie, low fat treat, nor am I claiming that it is particularly healthy. It just doesn’t have sugar. Indulge with discretion. Recipe contains dairy and eggs.

Strawberry Mango Ice Cream

1 pint fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced

2 ripe fresh mangoes, peeled and diced

3/4 cup date purée

juice of 1/2 lemon

Add date purée and juice of lemon to cut fruit. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Process fruit in a food processor to mash slightly (I like chunky ice cream, but not too chunky).

2 large fresh eggs*

3/4 cup date purée

2 cups heavy whipping cream

1 cup whole milk

*raw eggs should not be served to the very old, the very young, or those whose health could be compromised

Whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy, 1 to 2 minutes. Whisk in the date purée, a little at a time, until completely blended. Pour in the cream and milk and whisk to blend. Add the strawberry and mango purée. Transfer mixture to an ice cream maker and freeze following the manufacturer’s instructions.


sugar withdrawals and a danish heart tutorial that hasn’t happened yet

I bought this solid chocolate hand painted polka dot heart from Rococo Chocolates in London for the Mr. but I kind of don’t want him to eat it – it’s too cute!

London was so glorious and I had a lovely time! I’m in serious sugar withdrawals, though, now that I’m back home. AND Valentine’s Day is today. The torture!!  I’ve been trying to get a step by step picture tutorial of how to make a crocheted Danish Heart posted since a few people have found row 3 of the pattern a little bit tricky.

It will have to wait – we’re taking the kids to warmer climes this weekend and jetlag and the reality of three children and a household to run after being away for two weeks have conspired against me. When I get back…


The VERY FIRST THING I bought in London was a lemon blueberry cupcake and a rhubarb almond cake topped with meringue from the Nottinghill Ottolenghi. No joke. I wouldn’t joke about such things.

My rapture at these desserts was in NO WAY influenced by the fact that I haven’t eaten any sugar (nothing – no honey, agave, cane sugar, artificial sugar or any other processed sugar!) for the last six months. Well, okay, maybe it was influenced a little. When I started not eating sugar, I reserved the right to have special treats if I was in a foreign country. You know, to make myself feel like it wasn’t a forever thing. At the time I had no travel plans. Lucky me that I’m unexpectedly in London!

Portobello Road Market in Nottinghill on a Saturday afternoon.

Since I’m a complete sugar addict, I will be promptly resuming no sugar when I return to the States. But, oh! Ottolenghi was truly a sublime way to break my fast! I’ll have to check out their cookbooks when I get back and see if I can in some way recreate my treat for my family.

Not only am I a sugar addict, but I’m a toy snob too. I can’t control myself from passing by a good toy shop! Honeyjam was not a disappointment. You can see the shop from Portobello Road and it was like a magnet, pulling me in. I did manage to walk out of the darling store without anything but it was very, very hard!

I only had an hour to sprint down the market road while ballet class was in session. I saw a few shops selling Scottish woolens, but alas, no Wallace plaid was to be found. Lots of stalls selling British china, silverware, antiques, a few crocheted linens, and brik-a-brak. I’m sure that there was a lot that I didn’t see, but it definitely was posh tourist central. No great deals to be found by me.

Except for the glorious Ottolenghi. Worth every pence.

banoffee pie

I had no idea such a thing as Banoffee Pie existed before coming to London. A digestive biscuit crust is topped with a toffee custard, which is then topped with fresh bananas and a thick layer of whipped cream. A drizzle of melted chocolate or chocolate shavings on top completes the decadent dessert. Why did I not know that this dream of bananas and toffee existed before??

When I get home, I think that I’ll try this or this recipe. Yum!

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