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{g} gets an article in the local paper

 alipyper g daily herald article

We’re so excited that {G} has an article about her in the Saturday May 24th local newspaper! A reporter came to the house with a photographer and asked us both about the JSA Junior Diplomat Summer Study Abroad program that she’s been accepted to. You can read the article here.

Fundraising is still in full swing around here. Since returning from San Diego, I’ve been gathering more donated items to sell at our garage sale tomorrow. We’re also selling many personal items that have been sitting untouched in storage for the last 4 years. It’s good to let go and clean out. And if it gets us closer to {G} flying to China, then we’re thrilled. If you’re local and want to come to the garage sale, go to craigslist or to KSL Classifieds to learn where and when and what. The kids are selling kettle corn too!

alipyper boxes stacked and ready

alipyper boxes in the freezer

{K} said it was okay to sell his cookie dough (Well, my cookie dough, really. My own recipes, with the very best ingredients – no scrimping there! – mixed up in my own kitchen) to help {G} raise the money we need, so last week it was cookie dough central at our house. Thank you to everyone that ordered a box! Truly! Last year, to help with {K}’s soccer fees, I thought I might try to sell my own cookie dough. {K} and I decided which flavors to make and then he helped me put together the boxes and affix the labels. The process went really well, and now I have people ask me quite regularly when I’m selling cookie dough next. I’m glad I was able to sell as many boxes as I did to help {G}!

sunburst grannys and a garage sale

Tomorrow is a big day!

alipyper - Sunburst Granny Square Pillow 1

In the afternoon I’ll be teaching the Sunburst Granny Square class at Harmony. I’m so very excited about this class! It’s going to be fun. These bright pops of color are highly addictive.

craigslist ad screen shot

And we’ll definitely need the sun in the morning. We’re starting the day off early with a garage sale! So many people have generously donated to our sale! If you live in Utah, or if you’re interested in any of the items that we’re selling, you’ll definitely want to come. Greg Olsen, our friend and neighbor, has signed TWO framed prints of his artwork. I know!! We’re selling lots of VERY nice items that have been in our storage unit for four years –  including Harmon Kardon stereo equipment and the Mr.’s white water kayak. Plus so many more fantastic items! Thank you to everyone who has donated! Go here or here if you want more info on the sale.

If you don’t live in Utah and you would like to donate to help {G} raise the money she needs in order to attend the Diplomat Program in Beijing China, you can donate directly on her fundraising site. 100% of donations are applied to her tuition costs.

$10 or $20 donations really do add up! If you’d like, go here to donate. Thank you so much!

ways to help {g} get to china

Many of you want to help {G} in her efforts to attend the Diplomat Summer Study Abroad Program in China this summer. Thank you!! But many of you don’t craft (what??) or you’re not interested or not able to take one of my classes.  So how can you help?

JSA Fundraising Page* You can donate directly on {G}’s fundraising page. 100% of the funds raised on this page will go to {G}’s tuition. Thank you so much to those that have already donated!! You can also go to her page to find out more about the program she will be attending.

* You can recommend {G} for grants or scholarships. Are you a member of a local community group or business that awards funds to outstanding kids? Well, {G} qualifies! She is willing to come to a meeting or an event to share why your group should invest in her and the things she will be learning on her trip.

* You can donate items to {G} that you’d normally give to goodwill. {I} and I will come pick up items from your house and sell those items at our Fundraising Garage Sale, Saturday May 10. You can also come shop for gently used treasures at our Fundraising Garage Sale! Message me if you’d like information on exactly when & where the sale will be. alipyper[at]gmail[dot]com

* If you don’t live in Utah, you can have your own garage sale and donate the proceeds to {G}! You de-clutter your home and you help {G} go to China. Win-win! Or, if you’re crafty and artistic you can sell something fabulous and then donate the proceeds to {G}.

keldan cookie dough announcement fall 2013* You can order {K}’s Cookie Dough (available if you live in Utah County). This is cookie dough that {K} and I make, in our kitchen, with my time tested, yummy recipes! The cookie dough is portioned, packaged, and delivered to your house frozen and ready to bake. Dough will be delivered May 15th. Available flavors this time are Chocolate w/ Coconut & Dried Cherries, Milk Chocolate Chip w/Toffee & Pecans, Oatmeal w/White Chocolate Chip & Craisins, and Peanut Butter. Specifics on how to order will be coming soon…

* In the coming weeks, I will be offering for sale custom crochet and knit items – so keep posted! If you already have something in mind that you’d like to commission – message me! We’ll talk terms and timelines.

Let me know if you have questions about any of the ways you can help {G} attend the study abroad program in China this summer. And, Thank You! Many hands make light work, so thank you in advance for all the ways in which you’re helping our family!

march: make it happen month

I’m putting my self in time out. I have until March 31st to clean up the gradual creep of disorder in my home. Craft projects will be put aside. Pinterest will be ignored (whaaaaaaa!). Other than a quick check for birthdays, Facebook will be abandoned. Instagram will only be updated with my cleaning and organizing progress. Continuing to ignore the problem is no longer tenable. It’s time to roll up my sleeves, turn up the music, and get to work. Clear out the clutter so that I’m free to pursue all the ideas and plans I have.

March is the month where I make it happen. Go, alipyper, go! Clean that house! See you April 1st!

Mouse in the House

This wee mouse in a tin pattern from Larissa Holland at mmmcrafts is so much cuter than the REAL MOUSE that is pooping in my pantry and gnawing open bags of barley. No joke. The thorough cleaning that I’ve been procrastinating since the beginning of the new year is in full swing now. I’m sorry little grey field mouse that is running across my floor and giving me the heebie jeebies, but you can’t live with us! You must go!

THIS little mouse could live with us forever, though! 

When I’m done being grossed out by the real mouse in my house, I think I’ll make a little fabric mouse like this one so that I can tuck it away in it’s tin when I’m done playing with it.

All images Larissa Holland for

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