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san diego weekend

alipyper san diego temple family pic

alipyper san diego temple spires

alipyper san diego temple holiness to the lord

alipyper the Mr. and his sister

We took an incredibly quick trip to San Diego over the weekend to be with the Mr.’s sister Susan and her darling family. Susan and her husband John were sealed to their second adopted child in the San Diego Temple. It was such a glorious day! Not much is more important that being with your family on important events.

alipyper - beach house outside

alipyper - G, I, and Gma Baler

alipyper - beach house

Susan is an amazing artist and seamstress and quilt designer. Her husband John is super handy and can build or fix just about anything. Together they turned a beach bum crack house into the cutest little place in Pacific Beach. They let us camp out with them when we visit.

alipyper studioscumble san diego temple block print notecards crop

Susan is willing to donate the proceeds from her beautiful San Diego Temple block print notecards to {G}! These are unique, hand printed cards that make a beautiful thank you, baptism, wedding, or even framed piece of art. Please consider purchasing these gorgeous cards to help {G} in her efforts to study abroad in China this summer! It’s a super win-win for everyone! Go here to purchase.

Seamless Bootie Class

I’m gearing up for another fundraiser garage sale this weekend. This one will have lots of great furniture and housewares. The kids are going to sell kettle corn too. It will be fun! Then next weekend I’m teaching a fantastic knitting class at Harmony in Provo. Learn how to seamlessly cast on and knit in the round using the Magic Loop method! Great skills for socks and booties, finger puppets and soft toys. Only $15. Saturday May 31, 3-5pm.

If you can’t make the garage sale or classes at Harmony, and you’re not interested in beautiful San Diego Temple notecards, you can always donate directly to {G}’s fundraising website! 100% of the donations on her site go towards her tuition.

it’s been a busy week

handknit head scarf

It’s been kind of a busy week for me. I made up/adjusted a pattern for a head scarf/bandana/do-rag that the Mr. detests. Yes. Detests. He said to me, “I am really not attracted to you when you’re wearing that thing.” Ouch! Still not sure if I want to proceed to making more of them to sell if he felt that strongly about it. Darn! I thought it was cute and was very proud of myself for my brilliant adaptation.

k at starting line funrun 2014

k wins his grade funrun

{K} ran in his school’s fun run and placed 1st! Way to go buddy!

I spent all day Monday and Tuesday answering emails about fundraising and trying to get paperwork in order for {G}’s trip to China this summer. I have to stay positive that we’re going to raise enough for her to go. We’re going to do it!! We’re going to do it!!

g's quilt

g sewing her quilt

Yesterday, {G} tried to finish the quilt that she’s been working on since last fall for her Young Women in Excellence program. She took a beginning quilting class at Harmony in Provo, taught by the very lovely and talented Holly LeSuĂ©, and still hadn’t finished it. But we made great progress this week! She finished the half-square triangle top, chose a border fabric, we chose a back fabric, pinned it all together with the cotton batting, and she’s almost done with the machine quilting! She is SO EXCITED about it! Which makes a momma proud.

We’re gearing up for our Fundraising Garage Sale on Saturday. So many people have been so generous! And I’m teaching the Sunburst Granny Square class at Harmony on Saturday afternoon. I’m so excited for this class! It’s going to be fun.

I think that by Mother’s Day on Sunday, all I’ll want to do is sleep. Because next week is going to be just as busy.

(These pictures came from my Instagram feed. You should follow along!)

mission memories

alipyper - Ali Mission MTC

alpyper - Ali Mission Taiwan National Palace Museum

alipyper - Ali Mission Taipei Taiwan LDS Temple

Exactly 20 years ago today I entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT to serve an 18 month proselyting mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Taipei, Taiwan. I said goodbye to the Mr. (who waited patiently for me while I was gone – and then said, “Come home, already!” We were married 10 weeks after I returned.), my parents, family, and friends and wore my missionary tag for eighteen months with great pride.

I’ve been thinking about that girl – her dreams of the future, her confidence (oh! the confidence!), her expectations, her accomplishments – and wonder what she would think of herself now? I’ve also been thinking about how fundamentally my life was changed for the good by my decision to serve a mission and I’m filled with gratitude.

1. Saying goodbye, August 4, 1993. Those aren’t really tears of sadness – they were tears of, “Why the heck did I bring so much stuff??/2. National Palace Museum/3. Photo taken on the roof of the Taiwan Taipei Mission Home overlooking the Taiwan Temple. That sweater! I bought it at Benetton while I was in Taiwan and after living several years in Las Vegas, NV, I gave it to good will thinking I’d never really need it again. Oh how I wish I had that sweater still!! It’s on my list to recreate.
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