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esprit folk tunic

alipyper - siena in the garden

alipyper - siena sitting in the garden

alipyper - siena esprit folk tunic

The end of summer has flown by and I feel a little shell shocked and exhausted now that the kids are in school again. {G} had an amazing time in China and I still have a ton of pictures and thoughts to share from her trip. After she got back we took an impromptu family trip to San Diego for my birthday as a last “hurrah!” as a family. Getting {G} ready for her senior year, {I} ready to start high school as a freshman, and {K} ready to start junior high as a 7th grader has been intense! Today was the first day everyone had all-day classes and I just want to sleep for hours in the quiet house.

But I got pictures yesterday of the finished Esprit Folk Tunic I knit for a friend in exchange for both my boys to attend her week long art camp this summer and they are too cute not to share (this is the first of two sweaters I owe her).  Go here to get to the nitty gritty (please insert Nacho Libre voice here) on what yarn I used and how I adjusted the pattern. I’d really like to adjust the math to make an adult version for me. But that will have to be put at the end of a VERY long list of wip’s and other projects that have to take precedence. I wish I had Hermione’s time turner sometimes.

featured on darlyblog

alipyper - darlybird blog post creative home alipyper

I was featured on Darlybird‘s Darlyblog yesterday. You should go check it out! Thank you Rachel and Allison for the opportunity!

I know that I value creativity in my own life, but it was kind of hard to determine if I had been successful in creating an environment in my home that encouraged creativity in my children. In some ways I think I’ve been successful, and in other ways I think that I’ve been really selfish and unsuccessful. In any case, it was really good for me to think  and write about it. And I’m realizing just now that I never asked my kids what they thought! I’ll do that today. Should be interesting to hear what they think.

g and the terracotta warriors

g and the terracotta warriors
g and the terracotta warriors
the amazing terracotta warriors
the amazing terracotta warriors
the enclosed conservation structure is massive
the enclosed conservation structure is massive
apparently g needed a twirly lemon and orange popsicle
apparently g needed a twirly lemon and orange popsicle

{G} went with her group to Xi’an at the end of last week to view the Terracotta Warriors. What an amazing experience! I thought I’d share some of her impressions of it…

I suppose you’d rather hear about the terra cotta warriors instead of the food, so here goes. I wasn’t sure to expect. People had told me that all of them were unique. I had seen a few documentaries. I thought I had already seen all there was to see.

Boy was I wrong! The whole experience was haunting and humbling. I know you’ve seen pictures and stories before, so I’ll just stick to my thoughts. I think what really struck me were the broken statues. I kept thinking what mass amounts of resources, money, and artisans was thrown into this project. Several of the soldiers were missing heads, a testament to when the dog site was open and people free to take souvenirs. Several soldiers were leaning on their sides or completely smashed, a result of the angry mobs that raided the tombs when Qin Shihuangdi died. The waste made me upset – both the extravagance and arrogance of Qin Shihuangdi and the ignorance and blind rage of the people in destroying such priceless artifacts.

Don’t get me wrong – it was incredible. I say way to go, Emperor Qin, for giving me such an indescribable experience.

In any case, I was glad to hear that a lot of restoration projects are going on, supported by organizations from throughout the world. I also heard that new sites are being excavated, which I didn’t know. Apparently the new sites contain smaller statues of sheep, pigs, dogs, grain, acrobats, money, and women. (Actual animal bones were found as well.)

We were finally able to speak with her on Skype Saturday evening (she had to download the Chinese version of Skype in order to get it to work and she has been so busy with her classes and field trips that she didn’t get it set up until now) and it was so lovely to hear her voice! She is entering her last week in Beijing and is preparing for her finals. It is going by way too quickly!

g and her new friend

dr fuzzles is taking an extended holiday in the mountains
dr fuzzles is taking an extended holiday in the mountains
{g} and Joanna
{g} and Joanna
i wink at you beijing art district
i wink at you beijing art district
{g} laughs as someone dares to put their fingers in the dinosaur cages
{g} laughs as someone dares to put their fingers in the dinosaur cages
art district grafitti
art district grafitti
incredible street art
incredible street art
aww, best friends!
aww, best friends!

I can’t believe that {G} has been gone for TWO weeks! She wrote to say that she is having the best time of her life. She looks so happy in her pictures! Her buddy Joanna accompanied the group this week as they spent time in the Art District in Beijing. Street performers, grafitti, museums, art, and history. Sounds like {G} was in heaven. And this weekend they are off to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors.

She recorded these musicians on the street…Enjoy!

san diego weekend

alipyper san diego temple family pic

alipyper san diego temple spires

alipyper san diego temple holiness to the lord

alipyper the Mr. and his sister

We took an incredibly quick trip to San Diego over the weekend to be with the Mr.’s sister Susan and her darling family. Susan and her husband John were sealed to their second adopted child in the San Diego Temple. It was such a glorious day! Not much is more important that being with your family on important events.

alipyper - beach house outside

alipyper - G, I, and Gma Baler

alipyper - beach house

Susan is an amazing artist and seamstress and quilt designer. Her husband John is super handy and can build or fix just about anything. Together they turned a beach bum crack house into the cutest little place in Pacific Beach. They let us camp out with them when we visit.

alipyper studioscumble san diego temple block print notecards crop

Susan is willing to donate the proceeds from her beautiful San Diego Temple block print notecards to {G}! These are unique, hand printed cards that make a beautiful thank you, baptism, wedding, or even framed piece of art. Please consider purchasing these gorgeous cards to help {G} in her efforts to study abroad in China this summer! It’s a super win-win for everyone! Go here to purchase.

Seamless Bootie Class

I’m gearing up for another fundraiser garage sale this weekend. This one will have lots of great furniture and housewares. The kids are going to sell kettle corn too. It will be fun! Then next weekend I’m teaching a fantastic knitting class at Harmony in Provo. Learn how to seamlessly cast on and knit in the round using the Magic Loop method! Great skills for socks and booties, finger puppets and soft toys. Only $15. Saturday May 31, 3-5pm.

If you can’t make the garage sale or classes at Harmony, and you’re not interested in beautiful San Diego Temple notecards, you can always donate directly to {G}’s fundraising website! 100% of the donations on her site go towards her tuition.

san diego temple block print notecards

alipyper studioscumble san diego temple block print notecards crop

My super multi-talented sister-in-law Susan (here is her blog about adoption, here is her Instagram account, and here is where I talk about her surfing skills) is offering to sell her beautiful San Diego Temple block print notecards with the proceeds going toward {G}’s trip to China! Aren’t they fantastic? They are perfect for baptisms, weddings, and thank you cards. If you’re interested, you should buy some! Go buy them at her etsy shop, here.

Our garage sale on Saturday was crazy successful! And we didn’t even put out all of the items that we had gathered to sell! So we’re having ANOTHER GARAGE SALE on Saturday May 24th. This spring the Mr. and I have been slowly clearing out our storage unit of four years – fundraising for {G} is giving us the kick in the pants that we need to finish clearing out stuff that we shouldn’t be paying to store. This garage sale is going to have really great stuff! Like, really great stuff. Like, my personal stuff.

alipyper harmony sunburst class may 2014

The Sunburst Granny Square class at Harmony on Saturday was also a success! We had a fun, full class and I think everyone went away excited with what they had learned. I love teaching! I love it when someone acquires a skill that allows them to create something beautiful!

Here are a few classes that I still have scheduled before {G} leaves for China. I’m thinking of adding some kids classes, but I honestly don’t know when I could squeeze them in…Call Harmony at (801) 615-0268 to sign up!

Seamless Bootie ClassMagic Seamless Knit Baby Booties – Would you like to learn how to knit a pair of baby booties that you can finish in a few hours and not have to seam together when you’re finished?? With only the ends to weave in when you’re done, this class teaches you how to seamlessly cast on (a useful skill to learn for toe-up sock knitting) and use the “Magic Loop” method of circular knitting on one long cable to finish beautiful baby booties. Basic knitting skills are needed before taking this class. Magic Seamless Knit Baby Booties, $15, Saturday May 31, 3-5pm.

IMG_2932Beginning Crochet – Beginning Crochet is a 2 hour, $20 class designed for someone with no crochet experience or for someone that needs a refresher course. Students finish the class having made a lovely, versatile crocheted flower. Bring a friend and learn this exciting craft! Beginning Crochet, $20, Sat. June 7, 3-5pm.

granny square cross pillowTraditional Granny Squares –  Take your beginning crochet to the next level as you learn how to start crocheting in rounds, change colors, and join crochet motifs together as-you-go. And, you learn the timeless Granny Square pattern that has endless applications for clothing, pillows, blankets, and decor! Basic crochet skills are needed before taking this class. Traditional Granny Square, $15, Saturday June 21, 3-5pm.

Market BagCrochet Market & Beach Bags – This is going to be a really fun class that teaches you the tricks of crocheting with hemp and yarn and how to read crochet diagrams, while making a practical and useful summer bag! Perfect for the market, beach, or swimming pool! This is a two session class. Basic crochet skills are needed before taking this class. Crochet Market & Beach Bags, $18, Saturday June 14 & 21, 1 – 2;30pm.

sunburst grannys and a garage sale

Tomorrow is a big day!

alipyper - Sunburst Granny Square Pillow 1

In the afternoon I’ll be teaching the Sunburst Granny Square class at Harmony. I’m so very excited about this class! It’s going to be fun. These bright pops of color are highly addictive.

craigslist ad screen shot

And we’ll definitely need the sun in the morning. We’re starting the day off early with a garage sale! So many people have generously donated to our sale! If you live in Utah, or if you’re interested in any of the items that we’re selling, you’ll definitely want to come. Greg Olsen, our friend and neighbor, has signed TWO framed prints of his artwork. I know!! We’re selling lots of VERY nice items that have been in our storage unit for four years –  including Harmon Kardon stereo equipment and the Mr.’s white water kayak. Plus so many more fantastic items! Thank you to everyone who has donated! Go here or here if you want more info on the sale.

If you don’t live in Utah and you would like to donate to help {G} raise the money she needs in order to attend the Diplomat Program in Beijing China, you can donate directly on her fundraising site. 100% of donations are applied to her tuition costs.

$10 or $20 donations really do add up! If you’d like, go here to donate. Thank you so much!

lots of pinning going on

alipyper - fall pinterest inspiration 2013

I’m kind of addicted to Pinterest right now. These are a few of my recent pins. I’ve been incredibly busy with lots of different things going on, but the pure joy of spending a half an hour (haha! right!) being inspired by creative and beautiful images is pretty darn fantastic. A happy visceral gut-instinct reaction to images and ideas..that I can file away for when I have time to process them later. Brilliant!

Follow along if you want…

dress / potholder / cowl / lace shirt / baby cardigan / raspberry thumbprints / sweater / knit pattern / rose / slippers / fair isle / quilt / room

mission memories

alipyper - Ali Mission MTC

alpyper - Ali Mission Taiwan National Palace Museum

alipyper - Ali Mission Taipei Taiwan LDS Temple

Exactly 20 years ago today I entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT to serve an 18 month proselyting mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Taipei, Taiwan. I said goodbye to the Mr. (who waited patiently for me while I was gone – and then said, “Come home, already!” We were married 10 weeks after I returned.), my parents, family, and friends and wore my missionary tag for eighteen months with great pride.

I’ve been thinking about that girl – her dreams of the future, her confidence (oh! the confidence!), her expectations, her accomplishments – and wonder what she would think of herself now? I’ve also been thinking about how fundamentally my life was changed for the good by my decision to serve a mission and I’m filled with gratitude.

1. Saying goodbye, August 4, 1993. Those aren’t really tears of sadness – they were tears of, “Why the heck did I bring so much stuff??/2. National Palace Museum/3. Photo taken on the roof of the Taiwan Taipei Mission Home overlooking the Taiwan Temple. That sweater! I bought it at Benetton while I was in Taiwan and after living several years in Las Vegas, NV, I gave it to good will thinking I’d never really need it again. Oh how I wish I had that sweater still!! It’s on my list to recreate.
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