{g} gets an article in the local paper

 alipyper g daily herald article

We’re so excited that {G} has an article about her in the Saturday May 24th local newspaper! A reporter came to the house with a photographer and asked us both about the JSA Junior Diplomat Summer Study Abroad program that she’s been accepted to. You can read the article here.

Fundraising is still in full swing around here. Since returning from San Diego, I’ve been gathering more donated items to sell at our garage sale tomorrow. We’re also selling many personal items that have been sitting untouched in storage for the last 4 years. It’s good to let go and clean out. And if it gets us closer to {G} flying to China, then we’re thrilled. If you’re local and want to come to the garage sale, go to craigslist or to KSL Classifieds to learn where and when and what. The kids are selling kettle corn too!

alipyper boxes stacked and ready

alipyper boxes in the freezer

{K} said it was okay to sell his cookie dough (Well, my cookie dough, really. My own recipes, with the very best ingredients – no scrimping there! – mixed up in my own kitchen) to help {G} raise the money we need, so last week it was cookie dough central at our house. Thank you to everyone that ordered a box! Truly! Last year, to help with {K}’s soccer fees, I thought I might try to sell my own cookie dough. {K} and I decided which flavors to make and then he helped me put together the boxes and affix the labels. The process went really well, and now I have people ask me quite regularly when I’m selling cookie dough next. I’m glad I was able to sell as many boxes as I did to help {G}!

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