sunburst grannys and a garage sale

Tomorrow is a big day!

alipyper - Sunburst Granny Square Pillow 1

In the afternoon I’ll be teaching the Sunburst Granny Square class at Harmony. I’m so very excited about this class! It’s going to be fun. These bright pops of color are highly addictive.

craigslist ad screen shot

And we’ll definitely need the sun in the morning. We’re starting the day off early with a garage sale! So many people have generously donated to our sale! If you live in Utah, or if you’re interested in any of the items that we’re selling, you’ll definitely want to come. Greg Olsen, our friend and neighbor, has signed TWO framed prints of his artwork. I know!! We’re selling lots of VERY nice items that have been in our storage unit for four years –  including Harmon Kardon stereo equipment and the Mr.’s white water kayak. Plus so many more fantastic items! Thank you to everyone who has donated! Go here or here if you want more info on the sale.

If you don’t live in Utah and you would like to donate to help {G} raise the money she needs in order to attend the Diplomat Program in Beijing China, you can donate directly on her fundraising site. 100% of donations are applied to her tuition costs.

$10 or $20 donations really do add up! If you’d like, go here to donate. Thank you so much!

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