learning to surf

We were planning on heading to San Diego for this week, then we weren’t going to go, then we did, but we cut our original plan in half, so we ended up being home in time to celebrate the 4th in Provo (the BEST place in all of America to celebrate Independence Day).

The Mr.’s sister, Susan, and her cute family live about a mile and a half from Pacific Beach. They are always incredibly generous to host us when we come. This year I decided I wanted to try surfing and Susan gave me my first lesson.

alipyper - surf lesson

alipyper - surf lesson

I wished that I had looked more like this…

Go Susan!
Go Susan!

But it mainly looked like this for me…

alipyper - surf lesson

It was a lot of fun – despite the neti pot effect that my wipeouts had on my nasal passages – and I’ll definitely try it again!

On the way down, we made the obligatory stop at Cane’s (definitely our favorite fast food place – best chicken fingers EVER)…

alipyper - Cane's Chicken Fingers - the BEST

drove through Baker, CA on one of the hottest days on record…

alipyper - dash display driving through Baker, CA on Saturday June 29, 2013

and I was able to work on another crocheted handkerchief – this time using my own Eyelet Lace edging pattern – which I finished once we returned to Provo.

alipyper - eyelet lace crocheted handkerchief edging pattern


My supply of hemstitched linen handkerchiefs is getting low and I have yet to find a place that sells exactly what I want at the price I want to pay. We’ll see if I can somehow figure out how to make them myself. Hmmm. Not sure I want to tackle that yet.

Now it’s back to surfing Pinterest

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