sugar withdrawals and a danish heart tutorial that hasn’t happened yet

I bought this solid chocolate hand painted polka dot heart from Rococo Chocolates in London for the Mr. but I kind of don’t want him to eat it – it’s too cute!

London was so glorious and I had a lovely time! I’m in serious sugar withdrawals, though, now that I’m back home. AND Valentine’s Day is today. The torture!!  I’ve been trying to get a step by step picture tutorial of how to make a crocheted Danish Heart posted since a few people have found row 3 of the pattern a little bit tricky.

It will have to wait – we’re taking the kids to warmer climes this weekend and jetlag and the reality of three children and a household to run after being away for two weeks have conspired against me. When I get back…

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  1. Alison S.

    Mmm. Rococo. You really went to the best places in London. Did you taste the passionfruit truffle?

  2. Malene

    Please, a picture tutorial would be perfect!
    I am struggeling so much with row 3, for some reason i can not get the rows to match up!

    Love from Denmark!

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