doll clothes for emily

Last year I made a little doll for my godchild who lives in London. She named the doll Emily. It was such a fun thing to make!


For Christmas this year I made a couple more outfits for the Emily and mailed  them to her before Christmas. I had to make another doll, whom I’ve named Freya, to get the dimensions right for the clothes. Every second I worked on the outfits was complete joy.

There were lots of adjustments as I worked the fabric to make the clothes fit. This next year I’ll actually make re-usable patterns so that making clothes is not such a bespoke endeavor.

I think that the embroidered cross-stitch heart on the inside pocket of the coat is my favorite detail. It was also super fun to adjust my Knit Pixie Cable Hat pattern to a doll size and make matching mittens.

Little Emily will now be ready for her New Year’s Eve celebrations!

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  1. Kathleen Wallace

    Oh my word, Allison….your stuff is so stinkin’ appealing. I think I want that doll for myself. That is absolutely beautiful. The lined wool coat with a heart????? I could sleep with it and pet it and caress it and stare at it all day. Truly, you make the most divine things. The crocheted heart is so cute. If I had any patience at all I would want to make one. I think it’s a great idea for your class. I just can’t get over the doll. It’s literally a work of art….as with everything you make. Are you selling the dolls?

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