New Feature – Toy Tuesday

As many of you know, I’m somewhat of a toy snob. My oldest daughter still whole heartedly believes in Santa Claus because she knew at a very young age, without any doubt, that her mother would NEVER, EVER give her a Barbie for Christmas :). Toys that didn’t meet my standards were quietly and quickly disposed of (to good will, of course).

Nikki Baby Blue from Kathe Kruse

The occasional kids meal from a fast food restaurant was ordered WITHOUT the toy, thank you very much.

Shopping Net with Wooden Vegetables from Haba

The dog eared magazine that’s been carried around in my bag for the last month? A toy catalog…that I drool over, despite the fact that my youngest child would BARELY play with anything that I might order from it.

Balancing Cactus from Plan Toys

One of my favorite professors in college said that children at play are at their “work.” What they’re doing at the youngest age is making sense of the world around them and preparing themselves for an adult life. Take a mental inventory…What are your children learning from the toys in your home?

Gourmet Chef Kitchen from Educo

I’m always on the lookout for great toys. Toys that are beautiful, interesting, well made, multifunctional and open ended, leaving it for the child’s imagination to determine it’s many uses. Most toys labeled “educational,” are most definitely NOT educational.

Wooden Blocks from Kapla

So I thought that every Tuesday I would try and share a great toy that I’ve come across. Even if you’re not buying toys for your own children, you might be thinking about toys for friends and co-workers children or your grandchildren.

What are the toys that you’ve loved the best for your own children?

Which ones have stood the test of time and which ones would you save for your grandchildren?

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  1. Amanda

    The toys my kids have loved the most have been the ones they made themselves. In fact, the other day we were at Target and E saw some very large item in the outdoor sports section and he said, “M, we should get this, think of what we could do with this box!”

  2. alipyper

    I totally agree, Amanda! Pots, pans, wooden spoons, plastic cups for dumping and pouring, boxes to cut into shapes, or big boxes to color and make into something else are the best kind of toys!!

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