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liberty of london

Okay, so I returned to the mother ship today (do you see the ship on top of the building?!? Really, there is a ship on top of the building!!).

Oh, Liberty, I love thee.

It was gorgeousness overload. But outrageously expensive! Yikes! Their signature fabrics are of the highest quality and the cotton is almost as soft as silk, but since I didn’t have a specific project in mind I couldn’t really justify expanding my fabric stash. Never fear! I did pick up a souvenir and I was ridiculously happy to sign up for their loyalty reward program.

Down the street from Liberty was a cute little yarn shop called All the Fun of the Fair.

Loved the eclectic yarn, haberdashery, and gifts. Super lovely.

Again, not far from Liberty and very near Hanover Square, I discovered MacCulloch & Wallis, a three story fabric, notions, trims and ribbon shop first opened in 1902. It was chock full of the nitty gritty supplies needed for dressmaking – full of substance and not much fluff. It was perfect. I’m sure that if I lived in London I would be there very often. Probably more often than the mothership, Liberty, I’m forced to say. I do have Scottish blood running through my veins and those thrifty genetics do occasionally force me to be practical.

I ran out of time, so I couldn’t continue my tour up towards the Marylebone High Street, but I’m hoping to get back downtown early next week to check out VV Rouleaux, The Button Queen, and the largest Cath Kidston store in London. Can’t wait!

loop knit lounge

Oh, oh, oh, I was in the most glorious yarn shop today. Loop Knit Lounge, located in London’s borough of Islington, was a complete delight, from top to bottom. Charming and helpful staff (co-owner Susan Cropper was behind the counter), the most glorious selection of yarn imaginable, books, magazines and lovely gifts – I could have stayed in the shop for hours, slowly moving from one spot of inspiration to the next. It was absolutely worth every single tube station change I made to get there and get back.

banoffee pie

I had no idea such a thing as Banoffee Pie existed before coming to London. A digestive biscuit crust is topped with a toffee custard, which is then topped with fresh bananas and a thick layer of whipped cream. A drizzle of melted chocolate or chocolate shavings on top completes the decadent dessert. Why did I not know that this dream of bananas and toffee existed before??

When I get home, I think that I’ll try this or this recipe. Yum!


At the last minute, I had the chance to come to London to be with my dear friend and my god-daughter for a few weeks. Can’t wait to explore my favorites – Liberty, Cath Kidston and the darling Loop Knit Lounge! Will definitely share what I discover!

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