Heirloom Spider Stitch Baby Blanket – For Auction

Have you heard of the Jim and Shelly Truax Family? Last week Design Mom featured them on her blog. They have been our dear friends for many years. The Mr. and Jim have been friends since before their missions (Jim – Milan, Italy. The Mr. – Veracruz, Mexico). Jim and Shelly have four children and are currently trying to adopt 3 sibling orphans from the Ukraine! Can you imagine? I think it’s terribly brave and very inspiring.

It’s also incredibly expensive. They are trying to raise $68,000 (yes, that’s how much is will cost!) to finalize the adoption by this November. The oldest sibling, Albina, is 16, which means that she will soon “graduate” from her orphanage to the streets of Ukraine – a very scary situation exposing her to all sorts of terrifying dangers.

To help raise a little bit of money I’ve crocheted this heirloom baby blanket that they will list on their silent auction.¬†Every $10, $20, $50, or $100 (or more!) donation really helps the Truax family reach their goal of providing a home and family for these children. Hopefully people bidding on the blanket will help them reach their fundraising goals a little bit sooner.

I’m so excited about how it turned out, since I adapted three different patterns to come up with the final blanket! If you’d like to visit my Ravelry.com project page, you’ll find more details about the pattern, yarn, and hook size that I used on the blanket. The finished dimensions are 27.5″ x 34″ – the perfect size for a baby.

And hopefully a perfect way to help three children find a home.

To find out more, you can check out the Truax Adoption Adventure Facebook page and their blog. Please consider donating whatever you can to help the Truax family.

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