Knit Mary Jane Booties

One of my very favorite knit bootie patterns is a free, vintage inspired Mary Jane Bootie pattern from Hadley Fierlinger of She’s Crafty (her blog is here). It’s a classic design, it knits up fast and lovely every time, and it’s perfect for baby boys or girls. I’ve been knitting a LOT of these little things lately!

The pattern can be a little bit confusing, especially if you’re a new knitter, so I’ve done up a supplemental pattern sheet for each available size to help keep things straight while you’re knitting.

Before you download my supplemental help sheet below, please visit Hadley’s blog to download her free pattern. Then come back and download my help sheet for the size you’re interested in. Let me know how it goes!

Mary Jane Bootie 0-3m Help Sheet
Mary Jane Bootie 3-6m Help Sheet
Mary Jane Bootie 6-12m Help Sheet

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